Controller Deathmatch

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PS3 Controller vs XBOX One Controller - A Gaming Console Controller Deathmatch!

Want $500 for your PS4/Xbox?

Sony has historically been very unadventurous with its controllers with each version having only seen a few changes after the Dual Analog controller launched in 1997. The DualShock 4 has definitely been the biggest design change from Sony. Most of the buttons are in the same location during, but everything has shifted to allow for the capacitive touch pad on the front. The “Select” and “Start” buttons have been replaced with “Share” and “Options” on either side of the touch pad. Considering how rarely the “Select” button is used, it surely won’t be missed by many gamers. Sony also added a light bar at the top of the controller so that it can be easily tracked by the Kinect-like camera accessory.

The thumbsticks and shoulder buttons on the PS4 Controller have been redesigned for better control. Instead of using convex shapes that cause fingers to slip off the controls, Sony is using concave shapes for both thumbsticks and bottom shoulder buttons. These improvements make the DualShock 4 the best controller Sony has ever made.

On the Xbox One’s controller Microsoft claims it has made over 40 improvements. The guide button has moved up a bit, the “Start” and “Back” buttons are replaced with generic buttons, the right and left bumpers are bigger, the battery pack does not protrude out from the back like it had, and an infrared LED has been added to help the Kinect track the controller. Instead of using the Xbox 360′s proprietary wireless system or Bluetooth like the PS4, it uses WiFi Direct.

Xbox One Controller Much like the DualShock 4, the most impactful changes will likely end up being the small tweaks to the control scheme. The new thumbsticks are more heavily textured, and they have smaller dead-zones for precise control. The new cross-shaped D-Pad version on the Xbox One controller is a big improvement.