Controller Deathmatch

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The History of Video Game Console Controllers that prepared us for PS4 Controller and Xbox One Controller Deathmatch. Where Did The Battle Begin?

The PS4 controller and Xbox One controller have finally been revealed to the public. Video game controllers have been evolving for at least 30 years, and these new controllers are ready to see who's "King of the Hill". Starting with the simple Atari 2600 joystick, small changes have made modern video game controllers highly precise, versatile, and ergonomically friendly.

Clear The Way for a Buttons Mashing Battle of the Giants! PS4 Controller and Xbox One Controller...Who Will Reign Supreme?

Now we have seen both Sony and Microsoft have had coming out to battle their next-gen consoles, you will finally know what you will be holding for the next few years...will it be the
PS4 controller or Xbox One controller. Neither controller is exceptionally changed from the current generation, but they both have tweaked features to offer what should be a better gaming experience.
What’s a Controller Faceoff without a Good List of Mods? PS4 Controller and Xbox One Controller Modded.

A modification to your controller will let you perform in-game actions with swiftness and ease. There are over 100 controller mods for the most popular shooters, like rapid fire and auto aim, that let you easily carry out technical and complicated actions while freeing yourself to focus on strategy and the over-all gameplay.